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It’s been on my to-do list for awhile now to to update our blog.  Looking at my last blog entry, it’s been a year!  I am both impressed and disillusioned that Will managed to blog just one day before me.  Great minds think alike.  We often tell each other “Get out of my head.”   I should be happy that I’m finally getting to it now.  And I am, but as I type I can’t help but think of my school to-do list and all the other things I wanted to accomplish at home (scrap booking–will my boys even appreciate it?, deep cleaning, reading all of Harry Potter #3 with Lincoln) before this break is over.  Stress/anxiety still rears its ugly head every now and then, but overall, I have NOTHING to complain about.  Even so, I allowed myself to NOT write a Christmas letter to accompany our New Year’s Pictures and I’m still kicking myself for “falling short.”  While there have been some hitches and disappointments this year, I refuse to give them energy and publicity.  I am the mommy of 2 healthy, smart little boys.  I have a supportive husband who loves me now matter how I look or how I may fall short.  I have a mom and dad who are just a phone call away.  I have the job of my dreams in my home district.  I am again a MOUNTIE!  I am a Zumba and TRX instructor and am in the healthiest shape of my life.  I have some amazing friends around me at work, home, and in fitness.  God is good.  No, God is GREAT.  2014 was a great year for the Keathleys.  And I have a feeling 2015 is going to be even better.

Mattox (HE IS STILL 3, even if he insists he’s 4 and daddy refers to him as 4!!)  1-27-11

  • He still occasionally says, “Mommy I want to pick you up.”  Meaning, pick me up and hold me.
  • He says, “I want to be over the covers.”  Meaning, tuck me in under the covers while you read to me.
  • He refuses to go into a girls bathroom in public.  At home we have 1.5 bathrooms and one is the “Boys’ Bathroom”, he refuses to use the other one.
  • He loves “hole donuts”…that is, donut holes.  Not the whole donut.  And while at Kroger this break (which we NEVER go to) he told me very expectedly, “I need a circle donut.  Grammie always gets me a circle donut.”  –For the record these are the glazed WHOLE donuts.  BUSTED Grammie!
  • He is quite bossy, (Amber Jr.)  “I told you…”  “You need to whisten (listen)”  “Just wook at me, and stay wooking at me”  (Look)
  • He acts out the 3 Billy Goats Gruff for anyone who’s willing to watch/hear, but refuses to participating and sing in preschool with Ms. Sherri.
  • “Way wiff me”, meaning “Lay with me.”
  • If he has his shoes on the wrong feet and we tell him, he insists, “They are on the right order!”
  • He is still OBSESSED with WWE (shoot me!) and plays with his wrestlers everyday.  (Thank you Great Uncle Tommy)—his new commentating includes, “Bray Wyatt bledded Sheamus all over.”  Meaning, he caused him enough bodily harm to make him bleed.
  • “I goed there.”  No worries, this is a typical language development for a child of his age.
  • His big brother still walks on water and  is everything Mattox wants to be.
  • Turns on the tears like the drop of a hat.  Don’t be fooled he knows he’s cute.  Can go from whiny to super happy like that.
  • “Diskapeared”= disappeared
  • Has the most amazing belly laugh, EVER!
  • Is a teaser, likes to do opposites.  If you say cold, he insists that it’s hot.  Right now it is summertime and it’s daytime (uh not, exactly)
  • Just TODAY he had a fit over whether or not he wanted milk in his cereal—he went back and forth several times, settled on yes, but then as I grabbed milk from the fridge he took off with his bowl of cereal giggling.–little turd
  • Is known to randomly sing “Turn Down for What!, Break-Break Your Heart, Let it Go”

Lincoln:  8 almost 9, 3rd Grade (2-14-06)

  • Wants to be a MLB or NBA player when he grows up.  Knows he wants to work at a Subway and then eventually own one because it’s a “good starting place.”
  • Collected $111.16 with his good buddy Gavin Rush for the Living Water Project at church.  They typed fliers, talked to school family and presented it to Ms. Diane at church.
  • Was the first to pass out Christmas presents that he chose carefully himself.  Enjoyed watching others open his gifts.
  • Is OBSESSED with Pokemon.  (HELP!!!)
  • Loves video games  (again, HELP!!)
  • “Hail to the concrete heros.”  Will said, “Buddy it’s conquering heros.”  LMBO
  • Excels GREATLY in school.  His teacher has nothing but good things to say.
  • Has “ideas and projects”.  Sold his drawings for $0.25 for a family at school that his classroom adopted for Christmas.  Even sold to our neighbor.  Tried to make a lemonade stand (despite limited traffic).
  • Doesn’t know when to stop when he’s ahead.–loses patience with his brother more and more quickly.
  • Earns $5.00 allowance each week for completing tasks like taking laundry up and down stairs and helping mommy in her classroom in the mornings.
  • Made friends quickly at NW–is excited to start basketball soon.
  • Is a squiggling, wiggling, loud-mouthed little boy, and I love every piece of him.
  • Prays for people each night and often comes up with great specifics.  Melts your heart.
  • Often sees the silver lining in tough situations.
  • Has the most amazing belly laugh, EVER!
  • Was disgusted with Dudley Dursley’s behavior.  If you’re unfamiliar, read Harry Potter.  I LOVE that he was so disgusted, because if he gets the gimmies I just mention Dudley.  Muhahah, evil mommy laughter here.

Someone special gave me a bracelet with an owl charm and the word “Wisdom” and said she picked it out especially for me.  I’m thinking it suggests that I’m a wise person?  It absolutely brings me to my knees to think that others (beyond my super smart and special 2nd grade students and my own little family) could revere me in this manner.  Humbling.  Makes me want to give my best in everything I do.  Always.  Is there any other way?

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