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July 19th, 2012 by

So it’s been forever since I’ve checked in, been pretty busy working during the daytime for the summer and still trying to get the workouts and side business in (still down 38 pounds or so), so blogging has been put on the back burner.  I love to just watch how my kids brains work, it’s great how you can almost see the wheels turning as their eyes dart around as they’re thinking of ways to do things they are trying to figure out.  The other day we’re sitting at dinner, eating spaghetti and Lincoln says “I hate muck” to which Amber and I say “What?” and we try to figure out what food he’s calling “muck” turns out he’s referring to the bottom of the lake when he’s swimming in a lake (which he’s done maybe 5 times) and commenting randomly about how he hates muck a week after they spent a day at the lake.

So we’re gearing up for our week without Mommy as she heads to Costa Rica for her mission trip and it should be a lot of fun, I’ve taken the week off of work, so we’ll have a lot of daddy and the boys time.  Probably going to take in a baseball game with Lincoln if I can score some Yankees tickets, and still not sure what to do with Mattox for some personal time.  Might have to look for a good toddler play place.

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