My boy is wicked smaaaart

April 13th, 2012 by

So maybe he’s not THAT smart yet(sorry for Will Hunting’s F-Bomb), but I as proud as I can be with Lincoln’s progress at school.  It’s weird and awesome at the same time how quickly kids learn different skills.  One day you’re driving and he’s asking questions about every sign and building, then almost overnight it seems like he’s reading everything he sees as we drive around.  Lincoln went from a 6 to a 16 on the reading scale they use in a matter of a month, coupled with already taking 1st grade math class and yes as Casey Affleck puts it, My boy is wicked smaaaart.

Dad update:  I’m now down 33 pounds and feeling better every day, carried a 33 pound box for someone at work the other day and couldn’t believe I used to carry that around all day long.

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