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March 26th, 2012 by

Well first off, Lincoln is a basketball junkie, he wants to play/watch/play video games of basketball pretty much 24/7 these days.  We took a trip to the Chelsea Treehouse on Saturday and normally he loves to run around, play on the slides, swing from stuff etc…well not this time.  The new location for the CTH has some more room than the old one (200% improvement IMO) and they put in a small “basketball room” which is essential 2 8 foot hoops, 20-25 feet of screened in area and a dozen balls on the floor.   Well Lincoln “met” a new friend and play one-on-one (he won “80-78″ according to him) for 2 HOURS, both boys were dripping with sweat and I think they spent less than 5 minutes within the actual treehouse structure.  Gotta get this dude on a team soon, he’s doing everything on the court, calling for passes, boxing out, passing, playing defense, it’s really fun to watch.

Meanwhile Mr. Mattox was a little daredevil on the small slides, and even on the full size he started to take off before good ol’ dad was ready (that could have been scary) but he was a champ at the small slides, going down a dozen times or more without any help from us at all.  It was a really fun unplanned family night out, even if the Bob Evans hamburger was one of the worst I’ve ever been served.

Now notice I didn’t say “worst I’ve ever eaten” and that’s because when you join the calorie counting  brigade, you have to make a decision on whether something is worth the calories or not, and this burger was terrible and I finish about half before giving up.  As for the calorie counting, I’m happy to say I’m now down 24.5 pounds as of this morning since starting on January 16th.  So almost 25 pounds down in 10 weeks and hope to lose another 18 in the next 5 weeks before my birthday.  Which will land me at 232 pounds on May 3rd and I’ll be 70% of the way to my goal (60 pounds) for the year.

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