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January 23rd, 2012 by

I can’t help but feel happy these days, while my job still sucks pay wise, it does allow me to stay at home with Mattox (and allowed me to stay home with Lincoln) so neither of them have to be trucked to daycare everyday, but every other facet of life seems on point.  Whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I always answer “Excellent” on the grounds that things cor other people are a whole lot worse and what do I have to complain about.  I have a great wife, 2 great boys, a house, car to drive…..etc..  But doing Dave Ramsey’s plan the last 16 months, paying off a ton of debt and having a plan for when the rest is gone (Hello 2014!) has given me great relief when it comes  to money issues, I can tell you there hasn’t been an issue in the last 16 months because we know where our money is going and are both on board 100%.  I’ve recently (along with my wife) started back up using the app for tracking calories and helping with weight loss, 8 days into using the program again (I had lose 20 pounds in 2 months with it in 2010) and I’m down 6 pounds and my wife is down 3.5 after just a week of tracking.  It’s amazing the difference you can make in these areas just by paying attention to every dollar and every calorie.  I now look at the future and see better health, physical and financial for my family, and in a time where there’s too much unemployment and gas prices continue to rise, it’s nice to feel secure and know I’m taking care of the things I need to take care of.

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